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Virtual Private Servers

Choose from 4 types of VPS servers differ in the number of allocated resources:

VPS Level 1 VPS Level 2 VPS Level 3VPS Level 4
VPS Resource Information
CPU Limit 1 core 2 cores 3 cores 4 cores
RAM Memory 1GB 2GB 3GB 4GB
Hard Disk Space 30GB 60GB 120GB 250GB
Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Order VPS Level 1 Order VPS Level 2 Order VPS Level 3 Order VPS Level 4
Price in EUR including VAT*
Price paying monthly 14.10/month 23.48/month 38.57/month 61.49/month
Price paying every 6 months 11.27/month 18.79/month 30.87/month 49.21/month
Price paying every year 9.86/month 16.44/month 27.01/month 43.06/month
Price paying every 2 years 7.04/month 11.74/month 19.29/month 30.75/month
Order VPS Level 1 Order VPS Level 2 Order VPS Level 3 Order VPS Level 4

Each Virtual Dedicated Server is assigned a single IP address for free. Prices for additional IP addresses listed in the table below:

1 IP Address 2 IP Addresses 5 IP Addresses10 IP Addresses
Price in EUR including VAT*
Price paying monthly FREE 1.40/month 4.22/month 7.04/month
Price paying every 6 months FREE 1.13/month 3.38/month 4.77/month
Price paying every year FREE 0.99/month 2.96/month 4.93/month
Price paying every 2 years FREE 0.70/month 2.11/month 3.52/month

AlphaHost.lv offers you a modern VPS/VDS hosting.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) - a service where the user is provided with a so-called virtual dedicated server. In terms of management of the operating system for the most part it corresponds to a physical dedicated server. In particular: root-access, its own IP-addresses, ports, filtering rules.

Inside the virtual server, you can create your own versions of system libraries or modify existing ones, the owner of the VPS can delete, add, modify any file, including files in the root and other service directories, and install custom applications or customize / modify any software application available to it.

Ordering the VPS service you get:

  • Guaranteed amount of resources (memory, processor time, disk space).
  • Full control over the server (root access)
  • Ability to configure any system parameters and applications.
  • The ability to install your version of system libraries or modify existing ones.
  • Ability to install any software.
  • Your own IP-addresses
  • Capability to create your own Web, Mail, FTP, as well as Game Servers.

VPS service is ideal for creating online stores, gaming market, as well as any Internet service required to run non-standard software on the server.

AlphaHost.lv uses virtualization technology KVM. KVM is a cutting-edge technology on the market of virtual servers. Unlike other technologies KVM guarantees the selection of resources and not allow the use of overselling. I.e. if the physical server has 8GB RAM, clients will allocate only 8 virtual servers 1GB RAM each. Same with the disk space.

In addition, KVM allows your VPS to use all available CPU resources at a time, but not less than the minimum guaranteed for your service plan.

All physical servers used to create VPS have Intel quad core processors, as well as Raid1 array (2 mirrored hard drives) in order to provide client’s data safety storage.

The following operating systems may be installed on Virtual Dedicated Server at your option:

  • Linux Debian
  • Linux CentOS(installed by default with cPanel or ISPManager)
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Microsoft Windows

* All prices on this page include VAT(21%). VAT applies to orders made from Latvia. The same applies to orders made from EU unless a valid EU VAT registration number is supplied. Click here to view prices without VAT

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